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Isoflavones are natural compounds found in plants representing a subcategory of phitochemical substances and phyto-estrogens.
The mild estrogen activity of soy isoflavones can ease symptoms caused by a drop in estrogen levels.
Recommended to premenstrual syndrome and menopause symptoms.


1 Softgel contains: Amount
Extract of genetically non-modified soy – SoyLife™ with an average content of 3% isoflavones and 3% saponins 750 mg
Daidzin and daidzein 12 mg
Glycitin and glycitein 7 mg
Genistin and genistein 2,5 mg

SoyLife™ is a registered trademark of Schouten USA Inc.

  • for women of all ages
  • to alleviate premenstrual syndrome and menopause symptoms
  • as prevention of osteoporosis

This is recommended for:

  • Menopauze
  • PMS-a

Adults take one (1) softgels daily, preferably at mealtimes.
Women in pregnancy and lactation with genetic tendency or previous diagnostified estrogen dependant tumors should not take this product