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Effervescent tablets with sweeteners

Supplements daily requirements for calcium and vitamin D.

20 effervescent tablets (2 X 10)

1 Effervescent Tablet contains Amount %RDA
Calcium (calcium carbonate) 600 mg 75
Vitamin D (cholecalciferol) 10 µg 200

RDA – Recommended Daily Allowance

    • bone protection
    • prevention of osteoporosis or as an addition to treatment
    • people with an increased need for calcium who have to avoid calcium carbonate (e.g. people who have kidney stones)

This is recommended for:

    • Menopauze
    • Osteoporoze
    • Starijeg životnog doba

One (1) effervescent tablet daily, dissolved in a glass of water (2 dl of water). Drink as soon as the tablet is dissolved.